Rulers of the World

Welcome to the home of Rulers of the World™! Rulers of the World are 12” wooden rulers with a scale on one side (both inches and metric), and a list of famous people on the other. They are made in the USA from American-grown basswood.


What happened to Rich Frog?

Just needed a little shut-eye! Rich Frog was started in 1994 and sold in 2012. Sadly, after seven years the new owners closed Rich Frog’s doors. The original owners, under the name It’s Messy, ink., are now back in the saddle, and are continuing on with the Rulers of the World™ product line! We look forward to working with everyone again!


Who are they good for?

Absolutely everyone! Rulers of the World™ are great for Lovers of Art, World History, Music, Sports, Politics, Science, Literature, American History and Trivia. Give Rulers of the World as Party Favors or Stocking Stuffers! Teachers love to give and to receive them as gifts. Trivia Geeks, History Buffs, Politics Junkies, Art Lovers, Sports Fans, Readers and Writers, Musicians, Teachers and the  Brainiac in your life will all appreciate receiving a Ruler of the World!

Contact Us

We are updating some of the older ruler styles and creating new ones. Whether you are new to the line, or have had these rulers in your store in the past, please contact us to find out how to purchase Rulers of the World™ again!